4/13/14 you know what time it is…

4/12/14 finally saw gravity. great film. 

4/11/14 backyard barbershop. (before)

4/10/14 dinner

4/9/14 lunch

4/8/14 you’re never too old

4/5/14 i was bad today…

4/6/14 game of thrones spread

4/4/14 quiet night in the courtyard…

4/3/14 white denim

4/2/14 Freaky, cool art installation in the library (at Munday Library St. Edward’s University)

4/1/14 New toys…😁😎👏🎉 (at St. Edward’s University)

3/31/14 an evening of trader joe’s finest ;)

3/30/14 it’s too easy…